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Rhys and Samantha

Rhys and Samantha were married at The Westerham Golf Club, Westerham, Kent. They asked me to photograph the entire wedding, including the arrival of the bride, the ceremony, the signing of the register, and the reception.

Westerham Golf club is a superb venue. The golf course has plenty of places for photographs, and the staff were most friendly and helpful. The venue was well lit and spacious. There were no restrictions regarding photography, which made things much easier for me. There was plenty of room for me to move around, and so I was able to take a variety of shots, from different angles.

It was a beautiful day, which surprised everyone: only a few minutes before the bride arrived, it was dull and overcast. However, almost as soon as she arrived, the skies cleared, leaving very bright sunlight. Due to the location of the venue, this caused a slight problem, because the sun was so strong that it caused people to have to close their eyes, or squint. However, the evening was spectacular, with an almost bronze tint - ideal for photography.

The reception was held in the same building as the ceremony, in a spacious and well-organised room - you'll see a panoramic photograph of it, above. The whole venue was well lit, almost to the point of being too bright. However, the light was consistent.

After the ceremony, the bride, groom and I headed outside for some photographs. Fortunately, the staff were most accommodating - even taking us to one of the lakes, in a golf buggy. I captured a few shots of the couple, then we headed back for the reception.

Another excellent occasion. I captured many quailty images, including some wide shots of everyone present. This worked very well.

As usual, I promised a fast turnaround of the images, with the first few being uploaded to social media the next day.

Kentish Photography helped Rhys and Samantha to remember this happy time, by taking high-quality photographs - because their images mattered.

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