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I can arrange a modelling photoshoot for you, in order to build your portfolio. I know a range of outdoor locations, but can also arrange an indoor shoot.

Kevin is a professional massage therapist (, a personal trainer and occassionally a model. When we first met, he was a little apprehensive, obviously somewhat unaccustomed to being photographed. However, for his first photo shoot, I found a location in Kent, where I knew he would relax. Some time previously, on one of my "reconnaissance" missions, I stumbled across some workmen's huts. We set off on a hot, summer's day and, whilst en-route, I talked to Kevin about the photo shoot, in order that we should both be prepared for how best to show him off.

It didn't take long for Kevin to relax and show the warm side of his nature. He began to enjoy being photographed and, as the shoot progressed, he worked well with me.

For our second photo shoot, I took him to an old, WWII "pill box", on the borders of Kent and East Sussex. Another excellent location, providing privacy as well as a superb backdrop.

The last shoot I did for Kevin was in a field, at the "golden" time of day, when the sun was beginning to set. The colours were spectacular, and showed him off admirably.

It has been my pleasure to photograph Kevin on a number of occasions, both indoors and outdoors. As you can see, he is very photogenic. He takes his fitness very seriously, as well as his massage therapy. A real bonus for anyone who needs some relaxation, or help with a sports injury.

I am happy to take more personal photographs (providing you are over 18), and can provide the images in a variety of file formats, as well as different colours, tones etc. All images can be put onto DVD (without watermarks). Discretion is assured and, if you do not wish any of your images to be displayed on my website, please specify this.

Kevin asked me to photograph him, because his images matter.

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