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Sevenoaks Wedding Photographer

Weddings, Gay Marriages, Ceremonies

I offer a variety of packages, which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. From the simplest "no frills" package, to a more comprehensive programme. You may choose the amount of involvement you wish me to have. Prices start at £650 for a very basic package.

I am also delighted to photograph same-sex marriages, as well as Civil Partnerships. I photograph a variety of different events - please contact me for details.

Your 'union' day is extremely important to you. It is a day to be remembered. What better way than by some quality photographs of the event.

Depending on your specific requirements, I can provide a printed album and/or digital copies of selected images. Additionally, I can also create a digital slideshow of the images.

Many people question the expense of wedding photography, asking whether it is justified, and thinking they can get away with a few "snaps" from mobile telephones. Understandably, you want to keep costs to a minimum. However, wedding photography is much more than just taking a few pictures. It is an event that you have planned, and I want to ensure you have as many happy memories as possible. For a large wedding, I sometimes have an assistant, whom I ensure is financially rewarded.

I am usually on my feet for several hours, while you are enjoying the ceremony and the reception. I have to meet and greet your guests and also ensure I comply with the venue's policy on photography.

Then there are the photographs. I always do what I can to take images that capture the event tastefully - and completely. That can be difficult. It doesn't finish there, though. When you are on your honeymoon, and your guests have left, that is when my work continues. I have to upload the images from my camera, onto my computer, check them through, enhance and crop them where necessary, then choose the very best. I then have to print, and copy a selection to disc for you, as well as creating the remainder of the options you require. I usually add a selection to my website for you to view in advance. This all takes time - and I do provide a very fast turnaround.

I do my very best to offer a high quality service, at a competitive and fair price. However, I am running a business. I am sure you will understand.

I do not charge repeat fees. I provide you with high-quality, digital copies of all selected images, which you may copy/reproduce.

Kentish Photography will help you remember this happy time, by taking high-quality photographs - because your images matter.

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Kent Wedding Photographer Kent Wedding Photographer Kent Wedding Photographer Kent Wedding Photographer Kent Wedding Photographer Kent Wedding Photographer

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Images for all occasions. I am a general photographer, with an interest in many subjects. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your individual requirements. All images on this site are subject to copyright.

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Please feel free to contact me using one of the links provided. Emails are checked regularly every day. If you email me, you will not be kept waiting very long. Unlike some businesses, I use and embrace technology.

Location: Sevenoaks District, Kent, UK
Telephone: 07771 553615
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