Posh Paws

A celebration of my pet cat, Posh Paws, who died on 1 April 2018

Posh Paws adopted me, after I moved into his home. He had been born in the garden of my home to be, before I knew of him. He was one of 6, all strays and all unloved.

As soon as I moved in, I knew I had to do something about the little animals who occupied my garden. I didn't want them destroyed. I wanted them to be looked after, but they were almost ferral. I found homes for 4 of them, one ran away, but that left only one.

From the outset, I sensed that he liked me. I wanted a pet, and a cat was my only choice. I knew it would take some time to develop a trust, but I didn't realise that our bond would become so strong. I adored him - and he knew it.

I had to name him, but I couldn't just give him any name. It had to be one that befitted his character. I thought Posh Paws was very apt.

He became my best friend. A true companion. He was gentle, friendly and quite shy. However, by carefully and gently showing him love and affection, I gradually won his friendship and trust.

He had a long life - he must have been about 20 years old, when he finally went to sleep. I was with him all the time; comforting and protecting him. He did not suffer. I heard the last beat of his little heart, and lost the truest friend I have ever had.

Rest In Peace, little Posh Paws. I still love, adore and care for you. XXX

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