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James Daly and Lydia Young

James and Lydia were married on the 20th of May 2017, at Mount Ephraim Gardens, Faversham, Kent. They asked me to photograph the entire wedding, including the ceremony, the signing of the register, and the reception.

Mount Ephraim is a beautiful venue. It is set in its own grounds, which have plenty of places for photographs. The room where the ceremony was conducted was quite compact, with sunlight from above. It was somewhat difficult, because the ceremony was held almost underneath the staircase, which was chosen in order to ensure the guests would have a good view. The registrars were so warm and friendly; quite accustomed to photographers, and they were very accommodating of my requirements.

It was a lovely day, which was quite surprising: on the day, just as I set off, there was thunder, and I was concerned that it might rain. During that week, the area had 3 months' worth of rain in only 3 days. However, the weather turned dry, warm and sunny. I managed a few panoramic shots of the grounds, as well as the guests, who dutifully lined up in front of the house.

The reception was held adjacent to where the ceremony was held. The room was well lit, although as the day progressed, the clouds often masked the sunlight, which proved difficult and I frequently had to change the camera's settings. This meant that the colours were quite strong, and the reflections off of the people made the colours quite interesting. However, I think I captured the event well.

We headed outside for some photographs of the couple. I had already reconnoitered the area, prior to the wedding, and found a beautiful Wisteria, only a few yards away. It provided a perfect backdrop. Other images were taken around the grounds, and there were plenty of places for those special shots.

Everyone enjoyed the day, and the reception was well organised and very relaxed. It was a very friendly and intimate wedding, in an absolutely superb venue. The staff were so helpful and friendly. Another photographer-friendly wedding!

I promised a fast turnaround of the images, with the first few being uploaded to social media, the next day. James and Lydia went on a two week honeymoon, which gave me sufficient time to finish the final photographs. I provided a number of printed images, a digital slideshow, and a DVD with all of the images (without watermarks) for the couple to distribute/print as they wished.

Kentish Photography helped James and Lydia to remember this happy time, by taking high-quality photographs - because their images mattered.

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Kent Wedding Photographer Kent Wedding Photographer Kent Wedding Photographer Kent Wedding Photographer Kent Wedding Photographer Kent Wedding Photographer

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