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Mark and Sam

Mark and Sam were married at Sidley, East Sussex. They asked me to photograph the entire wedding, from the bride's arrival, the ceremony, the signing of the register, and throughout the reception.

I managed to keep a "low profile", whilst still capturing the important moments. The lighting inside the church was good, and the vicar was extremely helpful. I managed to find a convenient location, behind the vicar, which enabled me to photograph the couple, without being noticed. I mounted the camera on a tripod, behind some glass, which gave it an even better aspect.

It was a lovely day. The weather was dry, warm and sunny, although this can often be problematic for the photographer. With the bride in white, it reflects most of the light, which can confuse the camera. However, I think I correctly set the white balance.

The reception was held a short distance away, so I was able to get there before the couple, and also the majority of the guests. I took as many images of the event as possible.

As you will see from the images, wedding photography is more than just taking a few snaps. I was on my feet for several hours. However, I enjoyed the event (I even sang along to the hymns during the ceremony. Fortunately, I can sing in tune, and still remember most of the words).

I am pleased to say everyone enjoyed the day, and the reception was well organised and great fun. The children contributed to the happiness, and the guests were happy for me to photograph them.

I provided a all the images within a week of the ceremony

Kentish Photography helped Mark and Sam to remember this happy time, by taking high-quality photographs - because their images mattered.

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Kent Wedding Photographer Kent Wedding Photographer Kent Wedding Photographer Kent Wedding Photographer Kent Wedding Photographer Kent Wedding Photographer

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