Bletchley Park Museum

Bletchley Park Museum is a fascinating place to visit. It was the home of code breaking in the UK, during World War II.

There is much to see, and I would suggest taking pretty much a whole day. It is almost a step back in time, and the venue offers much more than just a cursory glance at a few exhibits.

From various types of encryption machines (including the infamous German Enigma machines), to the groundbreaking "Turing Bombe", if you are interested in history and codebreaking, take a leisurely stroll around, and take in the ambiance. Time is something you'll need, in order to really get the feel of the place. It will conjure up interest and intrigue, and show you what was, in its day, the very latest technology.

Not to be missed is the remarkable "Turing Bombe", designed by the brilliant Alan Turing. If you are patient, it is very much worthwhile listening to the talk given by staff, about how this machine works, and how important it was. It is absolutely fascinating.

You'll see a superb, life-size statue of the great man, by Stephen Kettle - commissioned by the American philanthropist Sidney E Frank. I found it a very moving experience to see what Alan actually looked like; it was almost as though he were there in front of me.

The museum also houses The Cinema Museum, which gives a fascinating insight into cinematography, with an excellent collection of equipment - of interest to any "film buff".

For the more technically minded, you'll also find the National Museum of Computing, and you'll be able to see the restored "Colossus" computer.

I enjoyed my visit to Bletchley Park; the staff were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The museum is packed full of history and interest. I left with many interesting photographs, as well as a better understanding of code breaking, computing and cinematography!

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