Automotive Photographs

I can arrange to photograph your pride and joy (however proud and joyful it makes you). I know a range of outdoor locations, but can also arrange a shoot to suit your requirements.

This is my "pride and joy". I enjoy the maintenance side, as well as driving out into the countryside.

Because of my own passion for cars, as well as my in-depth understanding of how they work, I can provide you with excellent images, from a different perspective. I also enjoy talking about cars as well as photography, whilst on a photo shoot; it makes things that much more worthwhile.

I shall be glad to photograph your motor vehicle, because your images matter.

Kentish Photography - Living Still Images - where your images matter.

  • XJS Headlining Replacement
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    Living Still Images

    V12 Jaguar V12 Jaguar XJS Jaguar XJ-S Jaguar XJS

    Services Overview

    Images for all occasions. I am a general photographer, with an interest in many subjects. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your individual requirements. All images on this site are subject to copyright.

    • Weddings and Ceremonies
    • Stock Photographs
    • Portraits and Modelling
    • Panoramic Views
    • Family Albums
    • Commercial Images

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    Please feel free to contact me using one of the links provided. Emails are checked regularly every day. If you email me, you will not be kept waiting very long. Unlike some businesses, I use and embrace technology.

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